The Ex-Mormon Rapture: Returning Your Spirit to Your Body

Join us for this FREE virtual event!

We're all familiar with The Rapture: the Christian belief that in the end-times we'll rise from the Earth to meet Jesus in the air, shedding this physical realm in order to have the pinnacle spiritual experience.

In this free virtual event, we'll introduce an ex-Mormon rapture: the returning of spirituality to the physical body.

Growing up Mormon, I internalized a core belief that my body was not a spiritual place: "the natural man is an enemy to God."

Our bodies were meant to be overcome, overpowered, controlled, denied, hidden, even punished in order to qualify for spiritual experiences.

Our bodies were a spiritual liability.

But now, on the other side of that doctrine, I believe our bodies are a powerful access point to spiritual experiences.

Join me on Sunday, June 9 for a free virtual event where we'll discover how to tap into our body's innate spiritual capacity through our menstrual cycle and finally understand what "your body is a temple" truly means on the other side of religion.

Hi! I'm Elizabeth.

I'm a womb guide & menstrual cycle coach and an ex-Mormon living in Utah County.

My first 30 years were steeped in Mormon doctrine and Mormon culture, which certainly impacted my self-concept.

I exited the religion right before giving birth to my daughter.

Not long after that, I discovered menstruality work and that has been the catalyst for the deepest recalibration of my relationship with myself, my female body, and my menstrual cycle—all of which were in need of healing after patriarchal religion.

Now I help women and menstruators (and the culture at large!) rewrite the narrative around menstrual cycles because this work matters.

Join us for the Ex-Mormon Rapture

A FREE virtual event where you'll learn how your body and your menstrual cycle can transform your experience of your spirituality.

Sunday, June 9 at 7 p.m. MT.

A link to join the virtual gathering will be emailed out to those who sign up with the form below.

It's time to reclaim your body as the spiritual home it truly is.