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Tea Time Period Care Package

Tea Time Period Care Package

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Heat is an incredible natural pain reliever, and with menstrual cycle-supportive red raspberry leaf tea, you can find comfort and relief from the inside out!

With a Tea Time Period Care Package, explore the gentle supportive care of herbal chocolate, organic pain relief balm, organic liners, and elevate tea time with raspberry leaf tea served in a glass teacup so you can sip safely, without toxins leaching into your tea. 

Just like every item in the My Club Red shop, Tea Time Period Care Package is curated by period coach Elizabeth Tidwell.
Tea Time Period Care Package includes:
🔸Glass and bamboo teacup to elevate tea time
🔸Raspberry leaf tea to support healthy menstruation
🔸Muscle Mend salve for targeted topical pain relief
🔸Box of organic liners 
🔸Moon Cycle chocolate made with herbs that offset PMS and period symptoms
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