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Total Care Period Care Package

Total Care Period Care Package

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Take care of all of your period needs with a comprehensive period care package designed to cover all your menstrual bases--from the inside out.

Like all items in the My Club Red shop, Total Care Period Care Package is curated by period coach Elizabeth Tidwell.

Total Care Period Care Package includes:
🔸Raspberry leaf tea to support healthy menstruation
🔸Muscle Mend salve for targeted topical pain relief
🔸Rubber hot water bottle to naturally relieve menstrual cramps and aches with targeted heat
🔸Natural acne spot-treatment made with willow bark
🔸5 individually-wrapped biodegradable wipes for easy cleanup
🔸Organic tampons to ensure your body doesn't absorb harmful chemicals
🔸Box of 14 ultra-thin organic liners
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