A Fiery Love Letter to the Future on International Women's Day

A Fiery Love Letter to the Future on International Women's Day

Today, we celebrate women. 

Happy International Women's Day! ❤️

I did not want today to go by without my acknowledgment, because nothing lights a fire under me like the power of women does. 🔥

As I shared in my last blog post, I certainly did not always feel this way; in fact, I felt the opposite--that women were less-than, weak, powerless, and nothing I wanted to be. 

Those were my understandings of the importance of women since I was in very early elementary school. Possibly even earlier.

I did not create these thoughts on my own as a child. I could not have. 

These perspectives on women were of course inherited through the layers of culture I was surrounded by. 

I'm sure (I hope) some of the particular cultural layers I was surrounded by were not the same as yours, so your perspective of women may well be very different than mine was. I celebrate that!

But the fact remains that from childhood, I sensed and adopted a disregard, dismissal, rejection of women that was easy to pick up from the cultural messages all around me since birth. 

This enrages me now. 

And breaks my heart. 

Because I see the damage that did to me as a child, and throughout the first few decades of my life. 

And I know I am not alone in that. If that damage was done to me, it's because it's being perpetuated to women everywhere. And it's obvious enough that I sensed it and responded as a very young child. 

So today, I am celebrating women, and it feels radical. 

I want to share my dreams for the world with you today, because I wish for nothing more than celebrating the power of women to not feel radical.

Imagine This World

I dream of a world where women's wisdom is highly sought-after, in all aspects of our communities, all levels and areas of our lives. 
I dream of a world where menstrual cycles are understood, normalized, and harnessed by our communities as a whole. 
I dream of a world where women's bodies are synonymous with strength, power, creativity, and wisdom. 
I dream of a world where girls are met at menarche with celebration, where women in menstruating years are supported, and women at menopause are respected. 
I dream of a world where women are not primarily defined by their relationship to others (mother, wife, daughter), and that while these roles are deeply honored and valued, they do not come with the expectation that this is the full extent of a woman's influence and value. Instead, they are beautiful additions to a woman's full and expansive life. I dream of a world where parenthood is fully supported by our community with resources, respect, compassion, and joy. Where motherhood is honored with more than just lip-service; it is abundantly supported. 
I dream of a world where every woman knows the power in her body, the importance of listening to her body's wisdom, and the impact of her cycle on her experience of her life.
I dream of a world where women's bodies are not medicalized; girls and women are not prescribed the pill or hysterectomy or HRT willy-nilly. Women do not outsource their experience in their bodies--they know they are their own authority, their body is the deepest source of wisdom available to them. They meet the cyclicality of life with curiosity and power. 
I dream of a world where girls are protected from peer pressure, women are armed against abuse, through the deep grounding insulation of knowing her own unshakable power and value. 
I dream of a world where women's bodies are allowed to age, women's bodies are allowed to change, women's bodies are defined and valued not by how they look but what they do. 
I dream that every single girl and woman knows she is nothing short of miraculous.

I dream of a world where women wake up every day in awe of their distinct power and capacity. 


I have a lot of dreams for our future, and the biggest one is that my job will be obsolete.

I won't need to guide women back to the power in their bodies because they were never separated from it in the first place.

And I think that this dream can happen. 

Because with every woman and girl I work with as a womb guide & cycles coach, I know that impact changes how she shows up in her life, which changes how those around her view her and engage with her. She shifts the foundation from which she experiences her life by coming home to her body and womb wisdom. And the world shifts around her. 

With every woman engaged in menstruality work, ripples of change bloom around her. 

Which in turn invites more women to seek out this work, who then teach their children and families the impact of menstrual cycle awareness, who then show up differently for their peers, who then engage in the work, who then build programs to support the work---and the ripples continue to reach further and further until the culture has shifted.

This is why I am so passionate about my role as a womb worker--I absolutely know it has the power to shift the very foundations of our society. 

When you hand her power back to a woman, everything changes. 

I am here for it. 

If you are ready to step into this deep well of power within yourself, I invite you to begin the work with me

You will change your world.

Together, we will change the world.

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