First Moon Circles - First Period Education

Give your child a positive, empowered start to puberty and menstruation by bringing them to a once-in-a-lifetime First Moon Circle experience.

Our next First Moon Circle in September is for children and their caregivers to gather to learn and celebrate the changes that puberty brings. An empowering, fun, sacred, and inclusive circle that goes way beyond school's basic, limited period education and focuses instead on cycle self-care and self love so children feel prepared, informed, confident and supported to experience puberty and their first periods.

About First Moon Circles

Your child will love this beautiful, magical activity where they can learn all about how they can look after themselves as they grow up. Covering self-care, and how to get the best out of their cycle superpowers as they enter their menstruating years, First Moon Circles are a fun and enjoyable way for kids to learn, play, and feel supported at a pivotal time in their lives.


Your child will receive a beautiful gift bag full of cycle-supporting products and their own beaded bracelet that they'll make with you during the session to remind them of what they learn. Plus a 22-page booklet that explains all the knowledge and wisdom they'll need to support them through puberty and into adulthood.


Parents, you'll probably learn something in this special circle tooeven if you've had decades of menstrual cycles yourself!


The final part of this session is a beautiful Parent-Child celebration where you can gift your child advice, wishes and show them you're supporting them as they grow up.

What to Expect at a First Moon Circle

We start with a two-hour experience just for the children to come together, have fun, make new friends, and learn accurate information about what's happening to their physical body, as well as their emotional and spiritual selves as they approach and encounter menarche (their very first period, or first moon).


During this time we'll talk about all the physical changes come with the female reproductive system, what's normal and not so normal, we'll talk self-care and hygiene, and how to handle surprise blood (because you just know they'll be at school or camp when it arrives!).


We'll also get hands-on and playful with natural, healthy and organic sanitary items such as pads and liners, menstrual cups, menstrual discs, tampons, and period underwear, helping kids get really comfortable with the products and relaxed about caring for themselves gently when their first period arrives.


After the children's session, you, her mother or caregiver, are then invited to join us for a short afternoon tea to celebrate this beautiful rite of passage and to pave the way for you and your child be able to speak freely, comfortably, and openly at home over the months to come.


We'll bead a bracelet to help the kids understand the concept of a monthly cycle, and to remind them of this day for years to come. I'll lead the children in a gentle facilitated Q&A, before carers are invited to join us for a short celebratory afternoon tea to share what the kids have discovered, while the elders are invited to share positive guidance and beautiful wishes they have for the kids in their lifetime.


Each child will leave feeling more confident in their knowledge of what's to come, what the sanitary and self-care options open to them are based on their personal preference, and very importantly, an open channel to discuss periods and puberty (and who knows what else!) with their family afterwards. If friends attend together, then of course they gain the added benefit of sisterhood and community, having this shared experience to refer back to, and to share wisdom with their other friends.

What's Included?

Topics covered include:

  • What puberty and periods are and what happens in their bodies as they grow.
  • What is healthy and normal, and when and how to ask for help.
  • How to choose and use different menstrual products.
  • What the menstrual cycle is versus a period, and how to navigate changing moods, energies, capacities, strengths and vulnerabilities in each cycle phase.
  • Menstrual cycle self-care.
  • Carer-child blessing to support your relationship and period positivity at home.

Each child will receive:

  • A take-home gift bag featuring her own first period kit (a combination of sanitary samples, and beautiful self-care items to remind them of this special day)
  • A 22-page keepsake color illustrated guidebook written for children full of the wisdom and knowledge to remember what they've learned to come back to again and again.
  • Plus their own handmade beaded bracelet to remind them of the magic of their cycle and self-care.

Once you book your child to attend, I'll send you some information to prepare you, the parent/caregiver, ahead of the day, as well as to help you prepare your child for what to expect. I'll also share guidance with you on how to prepare your positive guidance that you want to share with your child on the day, which in turn will support you to keep this open conversation going at home.

Meet Your Facilitator

Elizabeth Tidwell is a mom of a young daughter, and a former university educator turned menstruality coach. She is passionate about helping everyone recognize the power of menstrual cycles, and wants to transform the entire culture around menstruation.


She loves helping children learn about menstrual cycles so that they can enter their cycling years prepared, confident, and knowledgeable. Learning about how your body works at puberty fosters self-confidence and self-compassion, and helps children feel at home in their body, which is a vital foundation for happiness and wellbeing. She loves the curiosity, openness, humor, and playfulness children bring to First Moon Circles and loves guiding them at this important milestone.

Private First Moon Circles

Did you know First Moon Circles are available for you to book as a private event just for your child and their friends? This way, the group explores the topics together, ensuring they have a strengthened friendship and each other's ongoing support for when they need it. Suitable for children aged 9-16 and for a minimum of five children per private event. If you're interested in booking a private First Moon Circle, please contact me:


  • Child participant

    "I got to learn all about my period and body parts for when I need it and so I can talk about it without being embarrassed."

  • Parent

    "My 11 year old daughter just did a First Moon Circle and got so much out of the event. Her and her friends have a support group now, thank you."

  • Parent

    "It was so worthwhile and my daughter is now not embarrassed to talk to me about these issues soI can't thank you enough for hosting these sessions."

  • Parent

    "Talking about puberty in a group of women and girls was invaluable - something we can’t create at home. It will build a sense of connection for my daughter as she grows up and revisits these topics. I found the four different weeks of the cycle REALLY HELPFUL."

  • Parent

    "My daughter really needed this - it's given her more support, a better understanding of the new chapter coming into womanhood and explaining the whole process in a loving and nurturing way. I wish more girls and mothers are supported like you have done for both of us. I’m forever grateful."

  • Parent

    "I'm so glad I attended! It was valuable and personal and delightful, and I now have HOPE that our whole culture around menstruality education and care can really transform.I'm so happy for the girls who will never be taught that their amazing bodies and cycles are 'the curse.'"