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Hi! I'm menstrual cycle coach Elizabeth Tidwell. Here in My Club Red, you'll find a variety of ways you can work with a period coach--from deep 1:1 work to group programs and events.

But that's not all! I also curate a period self-care subscription box so every menstruator can take advantage of their body's natural rest phase and look forward to their period as a time for self-nurture.

I work with children and families as well as women and menstruators--so if you're looking for a First Period Kit to help you and your child prepare for this important milestone, don't miss our Menarche Kit offerings.

If you want to first dip your toe into learning about the impact your menstrual cycle has on your daily life, be sure to check out the My Club Red blog and the podcast episodes I've appeared on as a featured guest.

Menstrual Cycle Awareness has the capacity to utterly transform the way you view your body, your period, your very nature. I'm so excited for you to connect deeply with your cyclicality!

Your Cycle is Your Greatest Ally

Imagine moving through your life with the ability to tune into your body's natural capacities and intelligent timing: Living life with more ease, flow, freedom, and fulfillment with your menstrual cycle as your greatest ally to unlock your deepest potential and vital self-awareness.

Work with a certified menstrual cycle coach to connect deeply with the power and potential in your womb and honor your body's unique cyclical patterns.