Whether you are post-menopausal, are just entering perimenopause, are post-hysterectomy, or are otherwise non-cycling, your body is coded for a cycle.

Your body still stores memories, experiences, energy, traumas, and a cyclical rhythmall of
which will benefit from deep exploration and tending.

The transition between our menstruating years and our wisdom years can be quite rocky, with the hormonal shifts and erratic symptoms, the lack of cultural and social support, and even the shift in identity.

This is an initiation into your next phase of life. And initiations are times where we need to be held, supported, witnessed, honored, guided.

You don't have to do it alone.

I work 1:1 with those who are transitioning from their cycling to non-cycling phase, and those who have already completed this transition, but were under-supported and still carry the impact of that
lack of support into their menopausal years.

Just because your menstruating years have passed doesn't mean you don't need cycle support.

Book your free 30-minute curiosity call with me today to start on the path of clearing your womb space, reclaiming your body wisdom, and stepping back into a cyclical rhythmyour body's natural, restorative pace.

Imagine journeying this next phase of your life, your wisdom years, grounded in your natural rhythm, at home in your body, centered in your wisdoma powerful self-advocate, rooted in the unique strength available to you in this phase.

Not afraid of the change, alone in the quickening, mourning the shift in life as you've known it.

Instead: Witnessed. Supported. Confident. Adaptable. Strong. At peace.

There is more to menopausal support than waiting it out, hormone replacement therapy, or support groups that seem to be more about venting than supporting.

As a womb guide and cycles coach, I would love to hold space for you, whatever your phase of cycling or non-cycling.

What you're navigating now and what you've experienced in the past matters. And it is never too late to tend to your womb and unlock the potent wisdom your body is speaking to you.

Tend To Your Womb Space