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Leaving the church doesn't magically erase all the cultural conditioning.

After years, even decades, of Primary, Young Women's, Mutual, FHE, General Conference, and ward lessons teaching us that our bodies are sinful, dangerous, tempting, and designed solely for motherhood, of course the message sinks into our bones.

Our bodies were sources of shame, a burden to endure in this life.

We knew exactly how to be a Good Girl when it came to our bodies: Show as little skin as possible; be attractive but never seem like you're trying; save your body for your husband; don't be too tempting for the men's sake; force your body to fit the mold.

Of course our bodies feel like a foreign country. We never had the chance to get to know them, to appreciate them. Why would we want to? Our bodies were dangerous.

We had our hands full, anyway, focusing on being a Good Girl in every other way, too: being obedient, kind, smart but not too smart, hardworking, patient, quiet, always agreeable, self-sacrificing, gentle. Always in service. Aiming for true selflessness.

And even after leaving the church, these deeply ingrained narratives about our bodies, our nature, our worth—our selves—haven't left us. It's hard to shake the feeling that your body is wrong and weak, fit only for doing the hard work of childbearing.

But our bodies were never the problem.

We were never the problem. We were simply told a faulty story.

But the beautiful thing about stories is that they can be rewritten.


Here’s a photo of me around age eleven, smack-dab in the middle of a childhood where I knew it would be better if I were a boy, so I rejected anything feminine and had zero confidence or connection with who I actually was.

It's time to reclaim our bodies as sources of wisdom and power.

Whether you left the church yesterday or a decade ago, you don't need to carry the shame of your body or your gender a minute longer.

And you've probably made great strides in loving your body, exploring your style and choices, physicality and preferences, sensuality and skin. I hope so!

But underneath all the novel underwear shopping and building a summer fit wardrobe, the stories we inherited about our bodies and ourselves may still persist—even after the private wrestle to get the tattoo or wear the tank top.

We must get to the root. We must see our bodies and ourselves through an entirely different lens. One we never learned, never saw modeled, that was never discussed, and was actively withheld from us:

A lens of power. Wisdom. And the knowledge that our bodies are right and good exactly as they are.

Step into a new way of relating to your body.

In SOVEREIGN, together we will learn a new way of inhabiting our bodies. We will explore how exactly our cyclical bodies work, and how that matters every single day—not just a few days each month.

We will learn the language of our bodies: How they communicate with us and how to live in harmony with them, how to stop fighting for "control" as a moral imperative—and finally breaking the pattern of being at war inside with our one true home.

At the core of this new framework is the understanding that it is a radical act of liberation to claim sovereignty of our bodies.

We're done handing away our power. Having it stripped from us. Betraying our own natures.

We are here and we are strong. Our unshakable self-acceptance is our power now. We are unfuckwithable.

Reclaim Your Sovereignity

From Molly Mormon to Uniquely You

If you were raised to always say yes, together we will claim your no.

We will shake off the culture of competition, judgment, morality policing, garment checking, and virtue signaling, and step into the freedom of radical acceptance—of ourselves and others.

We'll dismantle the idea that we must lose ourselves in service to others, and instead embrace our right to take up space and receive support for our own needs and nature.

We will do the work of accepting ALL of who we are—whatever that looks like. There is no longer one right path; there is only your right path.

SOVEREIGN:Menstruality As a Healing Tool for Ex-Mormons

We will journey this together in an 8-week group program designed to help you reclaim your body after leaving a system of sexism, purity culture, body shame, homophobia, modesty policing, "benevolent misogyny," and the suppression of your voice.

The cyclical body will be the landscape of our self-discovery, the path back home to ourselves.

In our time together, we will explore these themes:

  • Herstory of our wombs (a new family history)
  • Supporting the body and nervous system after trauma
  • R.I.P., Good Girl
  • Healing the inner feminine, the Mother Wound, the Sister Wound
  • Healing the inner masculine, the Father Wound
  • Learning the language of your body (a NEW still, small voice)
  • Welcoming the Bad Bitch (embracing your NO)
  • A theology of pleasure

You will emerge from this experience with an unshakeable grounding in who you are and how you tick. Expect some uncomfortable moments as we explore archetypes, patterns, conditioning, and aspects of ourselves we've denied, hidden, or suppressed.

But waiting on the other side of that discomfort is a deep self-connection and greater capacity for the freedom of self-expression.

This is a trauma-informed group program with personal choice as a foundational principle. You will be supported to explore these complex and challenging themes in a way that honors your needs and where you're at, never in a forceful or prescriptive manner. You will be given the tools and permission to resource yourself and together we will co-create a community of support, respect, and personal freedom.

Meet Your Facilitator

Elizabeth Tidwell is a womb guide & certified menstrual cycle coach, mother to a young daughter, and a former Mormon.

She was raised in Idaho in a large Mormon family, went to BYU-Idaho for her undergraduate and BYU for her Master's degree, then taught at BYU for seven years. So her first 30 years were spent very much on the Mormon path.

She left the church in 2018, right before the birth of her daughter, which meant she had to leave her career at BYU behind with her Mormon membership. In 2021 she found menstruality work and immediately felt the impact: It was the first time she had heard the message that her female body was wise, powerful, and good.

Elizabeth knew she wanted to help spread this powerful message to menstruators everywhere who've been impacted by a culture that doesn't understand or truly value the unique wisdom of cyclical bodies.

She has studied with Red School, Lisa de Jong, and Charlotte Pointeaux on her path to guiding menstruators back home to their bodies.

We start June 30

Here are the nitty gritty details:

Course Structure: This group program will be delivered live on Zoom calls once a week for 8 weeks, with two additional ceremonies to bookend the program.

Dates, Days, and Times: Our 90-minute live group calls will be held on Sundays, 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Mountain Time on these dates:

  • June 30
  • July 7
  • July 14
  • July 21
  • July 28
  • Integration week: NO CALL on August 4.
  • August 11
  • August 18
  • August 25

Opening and Closing Ceremonies: These are two additional live calls, 30 minutes each, dates and times TBD. Opening and Closing ceremonies will be added to the schedule TBD.

Commitment: Attendance is strongly encouraged for your full benefit in the program and community contributions, though all calls will be recorded. In the event of your absence, you can watch the replay. You also have lifetime access to the recordings.

Materials: Come as you are. Pajamas, tea, meals, blankets, comforts all welcome. Bring a journal for notes, and please plan on taking the calls somewhere you can have privacy and limited distractions to be present to yourself and other members during our calls.

What to Expect: In this first round of the program, our course content will be delivered live in the weekly Zoom sessions. There will be an educational component, process and embodiment work, self-connecting ceremonies, optional group sharing, guided visualizations and self-reflective journaling, and of course deep community connections. There may be outside activities offered as resources, extra guidance, or personal deepening. You are free to engage with the materials however serves you best.

Investment Bonus: For this first round of Sovereign, enrollment is BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!

That means you can purchase a full-price enrollment for yourself and gift a second enrollment to a friend who could also benefit from this one-of-a-kind group experience, or you could team up with a friend and split the cost between you!

What's Included: Your Sovereign enrollment includes:

  • Eight 90-minute live group coaching calls with industry expert Elizabeth Tidwell
  • Opening and Closing group ceremonies
  • Access to a private Facebook group with others on this journey
  • Weekday messaging support from Elizabeth and the community
  • Optional listening partnership for added community support and deepening
  • Lifetime access to all replays, materials, and future additions to the program

VIP Enrollment: There are only six spaces for VIP Enrollments, an additional $333, which includes everything in the standard enrollment, plus deeply personalized 1:1 support, guidance, exploration, and application as we journey the program content together, including:

  • Three 60-minute 1:1 deep dive coaching calls
  • Access to weekday private messaging
  • 1 My Club Red hormone-friendly cycle self-care box shipped to your doorstep

Early Bird Bonuses: When you enroll in Sovereign before June 1, you will receive the Release Digital Bundle and TWO My Club Red hormone-friendly cycle self-care boxes shipped right to your doorstep ($139 value).

Purchase Options: The full price of this round of Sovereign is $797. Since this round is BOGO, you can purchase this option if you would like to:

  • Gift a second enrollment to a friend for free;
  • Gift a second enrollment to a stranger who otherwise would not be able to financially access the group program;
  • Support Elizabeth and her work by purchasing full-price.

You also have the BOGO option for easy Split Payments with a friend, effectively cutting the cost of the program in half, to $398.50. This allows you and a friend to separately purchase your enrollments for easy billing. Each of you will have the option to select standard enrollment or upgrade to VIP.

Testimonials of Elizabeth's Work

  • Mel

    "I've attended several events designed, created, and facilitated by Elizabeth Tidwell and they have always been insightful, personally valuable, and psychologically safe.She reliably creates a fruitful experience for her attendees. I love recommending her because she handles even "new" subject matter with grace and ease, so her attendees feel seen, included, and supported."

  • Steffan

    "I had the privilege of working with Elizabeth and, honestly, what she teaches changes lives!My partner and I attended her workshop and it has changed the way we view periods, how he supports me, gave us dialog, gave us understanding, and helped us connect during that time. I cannot preach about Elizabeth Tidwell enough!"

  • Caitie

    “Eye-opening! I learned so much about my body. Elizabeth made it all easy to learn and interesting.My favorite part was taking time to connect with my body so I could apply what I learned to myself and learn how to do it by myself. Elizabeth is an amazing teacher. She knows how to connect with you on a level that you understand and that resonates with you.”

  • Keri

    “Elizabeth was super informed and shared information in a way that felt backed by science and relevant to my everyday life. I loved the practical application of how to apply these insights into my life and schedule. I loved Elizabeth’s enthusiasm and knowledge.Her enthusiasm transferred to me, and I really feel like I can make changes in the way I live.”


Is this program only for ex-Mormons?

Menstruality work is for everyone!

This particular group experience is designed for the specific experience of those whose worldview and self-concept was heavily informed by the Mormon religion, and have since departed from that particular system. The language we use, the shared history, background, and beliefs particular to Mormonism will be frequently referenced as very relevant context to how we experience our bodies.

If you come from a different fundamentalist background but not specifically Mormon, please reach out to me and we'll chat about if this is a good fit. The learnings will all be relevant, no matter your background, though the specific Mormon culture references may not quite land the same.

If you are currently Mormon, and interested in this content, please reach out to me to see how my services can support you in a container that is more aligned with your current experience. I prioritize equally each attendee's needs, safety, and comfort.

Is Sovereign only for women?

Sovereign is designed for everyone with a menstrual cycle who was socialized as a female in the LDS church.

Women, non-binary folks, and trans men very welcome if this fits your experience. We will be approaching ex-Mormon self-healing through the lens of menstruality work, so this particular program may not be the best fit for trans women.

If you have any questions at all regarding the suitability of this program for your experiences, needs, and perspectives, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Is this program only for those who currently have a menstrual cycle?

If you do not currently have a menstrual cycle, due to hysterectomy, hormonal birth control, pregnancy, etc., there will still be so much value for you in Sovereign!

Most of the content will still be directly applicable, and the work of healing past experiences of the womb is still very important, even in the case of no longer having a uterus. The body remembers! We are doing the work of supporting ourselves as we understand and heal from the influences of our past, and that applies regardless of the state of your menstrual cycle in the present.

What kind of guarantees come with this program?

This isn't a quick-fix solution to inherited and lived trauma and suppression. This is also not a replacement for licensed therapy or medical care.

Instead of guaranteeing a particular outcome, the goal of this program is to equip you with the skills, knowledge, practices, and confidence to apply the self-supporting concepts we'll journey together.

Of course we cannot cover every topic or every way we've endured pain from oppressive, exploitative systems in an 8-week course. Sovereign is intended to be a deepening, a return to your own ability to meet your needs, while being held in a supportive community, so that after the program is complete, you will be empowered to continue your healing journey however you feel will best support your unique needs and experiences.

What if I'm not comfortable sharing my experiences in front of a group?

No need at all to share anything you don't want to! I will never put you on the spot to share, and I will never require you to do anything you do not wish to do. You are sovereign.

There will be opportunities to share, but you can engage as much or as little in these as you wish. You will have the option to share in confidence with one Listening Partner; on the live group calls; and in the community Facebook group. VIP Enrollments will have the additional opportunity to share and explore in confidential sessions with me in 1:1 coaching support.

Do what serves you best!

Is this program only for those who've recently left the LDS church?

Not at all! What we will cover will help anyone who hasn't already done menstruality work.

We will be exploring how our bodies have held on to some of the messages we received in the Mormon culture and doctrine (no matter how long ago you've left). We will access the body's wisdom to help release and reframe these messages with the help of our menstrual cycle.

This absolutely applies whether you left the church yesterday or thirty years ago!

What if I already have a good relationship with my body?

Hooray! I'm so, so thrilled you're in a great place with your relationship with your body.

We will be covering so much beyond how we feel about our bodies, including the impact of culture on how our body functions.

We'll dive deeply into the energetics of the menstrual cycle, which is such a gorgeous way to not only improve your relationship with your body, but also completely recalibrate what your body is, and why, and how to support it. We're going so far beyond body positivity!

Is VIP enrollment also BOGO?

When you enroll as a VIP, you bring along a friend for a free standard enrollment.

If both of you would like a VIP enrollment, you can either both purchase a standard enrollment with a VIP upgrade (through the Split Payment option)

OR if you'd like to gift a VIP enrollment, contact me and I can send you an invoice for two VIP enrollments.

How much time per week will this program require?

Our live group calls will be 90 minutes each week, and outside of that you will have opportunities to deepen your experience, including:

  • Completing the exercises I send as resources to deepen your experience with the content.
  • A Listening Partnership that's around 20 minutes per week (or whatever schedule you both decide).
  • Engaging with the group in our private Facebook community, such as sharing your reflections and experiences, asking and answering questions, and responding to others.

You get to choose how much time you put into the experience beyond the weekly calls. You are free to engage as much or as little as you have capacity for. And it can vary week to week! You are always granted the freedom to make this work best for you.