Announcing My Club Red's Official Launch Date!

Announcing My Club Red's Official Launch Date!

It's finally happening!

My Club Red is officially launching on Monday, October 10!

That's right--you will finally be able to subscribe to get your own My Club Red box delivered to your door so you can settle in for some much-deserved, much-needed rejuvenation while you menstruate.

Whether you've been following me for a month or a day, THANK YOU for being here. 

I know you're here because you're invested in having a better period experience. 

Whether you're looking for:

a deeper connection to your natural rhythms

a chance to slow down and rejuvenate while you bleed

a solution to period pain or other troublesome period symptoms

a way to honor and appreciate your menstruating body

a resource for learning about your period

a ticket to heal your relationship with your period or body

a fun and easy way to discover new products and new ways to care for yourself

or any reason at all, My Club Red is here for you.

As I've been learning, reading, exploring, and studying in my menstrual cycle coaching certification courses, I've come to realize that menstruality is at the heart of so much of what we experience in our lives. 

Which is something I never would have guessed until I experienced it myself!

It's been under one year since I first learned about the power of menstruality work, but I've uncovered so much healing in my relationship with myself, my body, my femininity, my mental health, and so much more. 

This is why I designed this box for you. 

Because I want this for you too.

I know there is so much we were never taught about our bodies, our periods, our unique rhythm of life as menstruators.

And not only will learning about these aspects of yourself be practical and interesting, but actually connecting with your cycles through a monthly care package will unlock a ritual of self care that has likely been missing from your routine. 

Imagine moving deeper into self-connection and self-nurturing every single month. 

Imagine creating a meaningful, nourishing habit around your period. 

A menstruality mindset made tangible through carefully curated items selected to improve your period and tend to your overall wellbeing. 

Month after month. 

This monthly ritual of menstrual self-care will transform your relationship with your period. 

And beyond. 

If you are so ready to claim your period transformation, mark your calendar for Monday, October 10 when you'll be able to subscribe to receive your own monthly menstrual mini-retreat in a box. 

By the way, there's still time to join the official waitlist, which will give you early access to subscribe! Along with a chance for a free gift!

I made a new reel on Instagram that will show you just how important it is to get on the official waitlist. (Hint: If waitlisters grab all the available boxes, you won't get your chance to receive one!)

Click here to get more info and check out the reel. 

To get in line for the waitlister headstart, get on the official waitlist by entering your information in the form at the bottom of the Shop page on my website. 

Here's to better periods--just around the corner!


Hit reply and let me know YOUR reason for investing in your period transformation. I never tire of hearing about your experiences and I treasure what you share with me!

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