Catalyzing Every Phase of Your Cycle

Catalyzing Every Phase of Your Cycle

Today I want to share something that is pretty revolutionary: 

The idea that fully embodying each separate menstrual cycle phase catalyzes all the other phases. 

Let me explain. 

Whenever I find myself reeeeally looking forward to my period when it's still two weeks away because I'm tired and know I need a rest, I know I'm seeing a little check-engine light. 

This was the case last cycle: I was in my ovulatory phase, which "should" be the time when we have the most energy on our side. 

But I was exhausted. 

In talking to my Listening Partner, I realized that I had been doing a LOT of physical resting (between strep throat, a dislocated rib, and other physical maladies, I was laying low)....

But I wasn't mentally resting during my menstrual phase. 

I had been preparing and planning and working and organizing and networking and scheduling and and and and and. 

So yes, my body was physically resting since I did most of this on my phone or laptop while reclining, but physical rest isn't the only type of rest we need in order to feel rejuvenated! 

It reminded me of sequencing a yoga practice. 

(ICYMI, I'm also a 500-level certified yoga instructor.)

The aim of a great tanha yoga sequence is actually all about achieving a deep meditative state in savasana at the end of the practice. 

In order to achieve deep rest, you have to build, peak, and downshift the energy and physical output appropriately beforehand. 

If you don't appropriately warm up the body and build energy in the beginning of the session, you won't reach peak physical capacity in the middle portion of the session. 

And if you don't downshift your energy appropriately in the penultimate phase, your body and mind won't be ready to meet savasana with the full, deep, rejuvenative relaxation at the end of the session.

Every single phase of the yoga sequencing depends upon the efficacy of the others. 

And so it is with your menstrual cycle phases. 

In order to reach deep rest at menstruation, we need to reach an energetic peak in ovulation. 

And in order to reach that peak in ovulation, we have to actually achieve deep rest in menstruation. 

And the transition phases (pre-ovulation and pre-menstruation) help us shift gears appropriately so we can harness the opposing poles of our cycle. 

So the next time you find yourself not feeling "in sync" with the particular cycle phase you're in (or maybe you feel out of whack for a few phases, or a few cycles even)--

Take some time to reflect on how you're embodying the powers and tasks of each cycle phase in order to catalyze every cycle phase. 

Are you resting in every aspect (more than just physically!) at menstruation? 

Are you appropriately gearing up at pre-ovulation (rather than running out at the gate after bleeding ends)? 

Are you reaching an appropriate high at ovulation (this can and will look different each cycle!)? 

Are you downshifting gradually at pre-menstruation (rather than pushing, pushing, pushing ovulation energy all the way to menstruation)? 

If you need support or guidance on how to do this kind of work, definitely reach out for 1:1 support. 

Our bodies were not made to work in the same gear every single day of the month.

Remember that.

Honor that. 

And if you need a reminder to rest in every aspect at your next menstruation, take a moment to peruse our period love boxes. 

Choose a Period Care Package that will help you lovingly nudge yourself to treat your period like the mini menstrual retreat it's meant to be. 

Resting at menstruation lays the foundation for the entire rest of your cycle. 

Join us in guarding that phase and lovingly supporting your unique needs as a cyclical being. 

And to read a real-life example of how exactly this might work in your life, read this next blog post!

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