Charting Your Menstrual Cycle: A Centering Practice Amidst Life's Messiness

Charting Your Menstrual Cycle: A Centering Practice Amidst Life's Messiness

It's possible that my upcoming period (arriving in the next few days!) is my most-anticipated period ever. 

This cycle has been a whirlwind--

I feel like this cycle I consistently lost track of what day of the week it was, where I needed to be, what I needed to do, and was also thrown some serious curve-balls.

For example, I didn't know until last week that yesterday was my daughter's last day of preschool, and that they were having a graduation ceremony in lieu of class.

It was adorable. 

But that also meant I didn't have my normal scheduled work hours, and I didn't have childcare at all, AND she's out of school already so no more childcare for the month! 

And much earlier in my cycle, we were planning on a family trip to California but we had to cancel due to potential flooding here in Utah. (No flooding at all where we are, thank goodness! But Murphy's Law says if we had gone on a week-long trip, somehow it would have flooded, amiright?)

So I went on a quick weekend trip which turned into its own sort of disaster that really deeply impacted me. I came home really unsettled--and that's when I neglected my daily menstrual cycle charting. 

I didn't track for twenty days. 

And that's why I never knew what day it was, never felt grounded, never knew where I was in my cycle, felt muddled, and time drifted by in an odd way.

Don't get me wrong; there have been a few days here and there where I've skipped my daily cycle check-in, but twenty days is by far the longest I have gone without cycle charting since I started tracking my cycle almost two years ago.

So why did I stop charting?

As I discovered through talking it out in my Listening Partnership (an incredible resource from the Menstruality Leadership Program where you take turns talking and listening with your partner regarding anything, really, but mostly menstruality-related), it comes down to this: 

I was avoiding some hard realizations, hard feelings, hard circumstances, and didn't want to reflect on how I was feeling. 

All of this was unconscious, of course. And accompanied with other sneaky ways my unconscious was practicing avoidance, like going to bed later so I was "too tired" to do a cycle check-in. 

So right after our Listening Partnership, I cracked open my cycle tracking journal and discovered I was on Day 25 and had stopped tracking on Day 5. I was surprised it had been that long. 

And I was also relieved that I'd have likely less than 5 more days in this cycle--I'm ready to let it go. 

So yes, I'm so ready for my period. I find it to be so grounding for me, so rejuvenating, so comforting. 

A gentle ending. An exhalation. A releasing. 

And a new beginning. 

I do a lot to make sure my period feels this way for me. 

I've been prepping things in my life and body today for my period.

(Here's a fun little Instagram reel showing what those things are!)

So when my period comes I can relax into a couple of days that I've intentionally set apart as different than the rest of the days of the month.

If you've been in this community long, you know I'm talking about prioritizing REST.

And of course I incorporate all the lovely supportive items in the My Club Red store which go a long way in making me feel pampered and show my body I appreciate her hard work. 


Now that I'm back on track with charting my menstrual cycle, and feeling so much more centered and supported...

I'd love to share with you a free resource for learning about how to track your own menstrual cycle so you can get this kind of relief too.

This is a menstruality magazine issue that I included in the very first month's My Club Red subscription and now share as a free resource--

Because I know just how immense a difference cycle tracking makes. And I want every one of you to learn this vital body literacy skill. 

In this magazine issue, you'll learn about the four "inner seasons" of your menstrual cycle, learn how to track your own menstrual cycle, and more. 

And if you're looking for a menstrual cycle charting system, you can find Enter the Red Circle, a spiral-bound period charting mandala tracker in these three Period Care Packages: Find Your FlowEco Cycler, and The Works.

Download your free magazine RIGHT HERE, and don't forget to leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions!

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