Crying on Your Period Isn't Weakness: It's Power

Crying on Your Period Isn't Weakness: It's Power

Hello from Day 3 of my menstrual phase.

If you've been around for a while, you know that I'm always talking about the menstrual phase superpower of REST.

But there's more than just one superpower in each phase of our cycle, and the menstrual phase is no different.

I particularly love the menstrual phase's superpower of visioning, seeing the big picture view.

This keeps us aligned with our goals, makes sure we don't get bogged down and lose sight of the WHY, and keeps us tapped in to our values.

Another superpower of this phase is a permeability, a feeling of being connected to everyone and everything, an overwhelming feeling of one-ness and unity.

This often gets maligned as a weakness, though. By others, and even ourselves.

I'm sure you can remember a time when you've felt or been told you're too sensitive.

Too teary, weepy, nostalgic, dramatic, touchy...emotionally weak.

Our society does not value this menstrual tenderness.

And it simultaneously breaks my heart and lights a fire under me.

This week I've been feeling this menstrual tenderness, sensitivity, connection--a LOT.

I have cried over random reels. I have teared up listening to stories. I have felt so much love (even for strangers) bubbling up in my heart. I have felt a tidal wave of very strong emotions in my everyday interactions.

And I officially started my certification to become a First Moon Circle facilitator to help kids prepare for, learn about, and honor their first period rite of passage.

It opened my heart right up!

We've been learning about the importance of this rite of passage and just how huge of a difference it makes to meet children at this stage with the support and guidance they need.

And how truly immense the damage is when they are not guided through this vital milestone in an empowering way.

I was very teary this week as I thought about all of us who were not honored and cherished and educated at menarche.

And I was pretty ragey as I thought about the patriarchal system that has separated us from our bodies, from our lineage, from each others' support and guidance.

I am so deeply committed to bringing this work to my community and step in to guide us all back to the wisdom of our bodies and the loving support of our families.

I know this is the medicine we need right now.

Another way I felt this menstrual sensitivity superpower was also a bitter pill:

In feeling so connected to everyone's hearts, so connected to the emotional tenor of the world, in times of war, genocide, violence, oppression, and open heart feels it all.

The permeability at menstruation heightens the pain we feel at others' suffering.

Now you definitely might be thinking: How is this a superpower?

Because it makes us human. Because pain deserves to be witnessed. Because empathy is the best use of our time. Because we ARE all connected, and because what others experience must matter to us. And because it can spur us into action.

Instead of getting lost in the despair of feeling I am just one person who is not in a position of power to make the suffering stop, I donated to World Central Kitchen.

I am just one person who cannot end all suffering, as much as I want to, but I can help fill hungry bellies. (And you can fill bellies, too, with the very reputable help of World Central Kitchen. Donate here.)

So the next time you're tempted to think you're too sensitive, or godforbid you're told you're too sensitive, just remember:

Your menstrual sensitivity is a gorgeous, powerful, vitally important superpower.

Feeling matters. Feeling strongly matters. Expressing strong feelings truly, truly matters.

Feeling connected to others' emotions is a gift.

And a pathway to refining humanity.

Which is the best use of our too-short years on this beautiful blue planet, together.

Let your heart open, my friends.

And if you need help connecting to your menstrual cycle superpowers, throughout all of the phases of your cycle, I would love to guide you back to your womb

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