How A Menstrual Cycle Coach Can Help You Unlock Your Potential

How A Menstrual Cycle Coach Can Help You Unlock Your Potential

I'm 35 years old and feel like I'm finally acquainted with my complete self. 

For years, I denied major aspects of myself--mostly, my femininity, my body, my actual interests, my cyclicality. 

I was caught up in presenting to others only the parts of me that I knew they'd accept, praise, respect, applaud. 

Which of course means those are the only parts I accepted of myself too.

A big part of that was societal expectations, a good portion was due to the conditioning of the high-demand religion I was raised in, all tied up in a protective trauma response, and of course the simple fact of my never being taught that there was another way.

All of this has changed over the past two years.

The particulars of my unique journey include leaving that high-demand religion five years ago which freed me to examine my life, my beliefs, my interests, and so much more. 

That freedom, that mindful examination of my life, led me to explore myself deeper, accept more parts of myself that I'd previously denied.

But it all coalesced with menstruality work. 

Menstruality work has given me a relationship with my body that I honestly did not know was in the cards for me--I spent so many years denying my body, my femininity, that over time I didn't even realize how harmful my attitude toward my body had been. 

Now I know so much more about my incredible body, and my attitude has shifted to one of wonder and awe and pride. 

The past two years as I've dedicated significant time and effort to menstruality work and certifying to educate and coach others in this field, have shifted how I move through my life, in so many big and little ways, every single day.

Now I can honestly say I love my body, I love my menstrual cycle, I love who I am. I treasure myself.

I would love to invite you into deeper relationship with yourself, your cyclicality, your body, and so much more in private menstrual cycle coaching sessions with me. 

Menstruality work has been nothing short of transformational for me, and I know it can be the same for you.

Menstrual cycle coaching might be for you if: 

  • You would love to learn more about your menstrual cycle, this vital body literacy we need to understand as menstruators in order to work with our bodies rather than against them. 
  • You are ready to transform your relationship with your body, your cycle, your femininity, your pain, or your trauma. 
  • You're intrigued by the new "cycle syncing" talk, but are overwhelmed at the thought of implementing it on your own.  
  • You need help navigating systems that work against you as a female or menstruator in a patriarchal culture. 
  • You would love a body-based, trauma-informed approach to building nervous system safety as a daily tool to enhance your quality of life.

If you are ready to change how you experience yourself, how you relate to your cyclical body, how deeply you're aware of the hormonal and nervous system happenings in your body, and so much more, leave a comment and let me know you're interested in personalized menstrual cycle coaching.

Coaching with me may include all of the tools I have to offer you, beyond my period coaching certification, including somatic exercises, yoga and breath work, guided meditations and visualizations, Reiki energy work, narrative and prompted journaling, and more--all customized according to each client's needs and wishes. 

And of course includes a welcome gift from My Club Red period self-care.

I prioritize nervous system regulation and personal agency, empowering clients in a trauma-informed environment. That means we work from a foundation of safety in your body--including learning the awareness and tools necessary to recognize both safety and insecurity.

Private coaching sessions are for those who sense there is something to explore, heal, or reclaim in their relationship with their cycle, their body, their womb, and beyond. We use the menstrual cycle as a map that holds wisdom to guide us into deeper understanding of ourselves, our wounds, and our potential. 

If you are ready to say yes to this kind of deep personal work, hit reply and let me know. 

Or you can fill out the contact form on my website to ask me any questions and see if coaching is the right fit for you.

I cannot wait to see how menstruality work will bring you into deeper relationship with yourself and offer you healing.

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