How Trauma is Stored in Your Menstrual Cycle

How Trauma is Stored in Your Menstrual Cycle

I've been chatting with a potential client this week about what it means to have trauma stored in your menstrual cycle, and since I'm convinced nearly all of us do have wounding in our wombs, I wanted to share with you, too, what this might look like, how menstrual cycle work was the key for me, and invite you to ask any questions.  

First, how am I defining trauma? 

Of course, it means the major traumas some of us may endure--whether physical, mental, emotional, etc. Severe distress that rocks us to our core, rewriting our internal wiring after a traumatic event or experience.

But it also means all the little traumas--the smaller disruptions to our felt sense of safety that accumulate in our systems to detrimental effect.

The little things we might be tempted to downplay because they're not life-threatening, or because they "happen to everyone." 

These can be very specific to your own life, but there's also another element here that's often overlooked: 

The systemic traumas we all experience as women and womb-holders. The cultural narratives around our worth, capacity, value, appeal, restrictions, appropriateness, and so much more.

Our bodies register these traumas. Our wombs hold onto the lessons learned from these traumas. Our nervous system patterns itself from these lessons.

The past is not a linear thing to our bodies. In some ways, the "past" is virtually irrelevant to our bodies--if we haven't tenderly addressed our traumas, what happened to us in the past is written in our bodies, ready to express at any moment--in some cases, even expressing at every moment. In this way, the past is sometimes the present to our bodies. 

Which can keep us stuck and struggling, suffering and confused about how to move forward.

The womb in particular tends to hold on to a lot of feminine wounding and trauma. 

Often that trauma shows up in menstrual issues since our body is utilizing our cycle to communicate with us (our menstrual cycle functions like a canary in the coal mine).

And beyond issues with menstruation itself, many women and menstruators, myself included, experience disruption in other cycle phases. 

One of the reasons is because the four phases of the menstrual cycle correspond with different life cycle stages or years of our lives. 

For example, I experienced trauma in childhood and through menstruality work realized I tended toward dissociation during the inner spring phase which corresponds with your childhood years. 

Others may have experienced woundings around different aspects of themselves which may show up in their corresponding cycle phase.

There is so much insight held within our bodies!

It was menstruality work that offered me the most understanding, release, self-connection, and ultimately empowerment.

My relationship with my body and my femininity is utterly improved, which grounds my entire sense of self--impacting my life every single day, every single minute.

 Through menstruality work, I discovered and am healing:

  • Dissociation in my inner spring of my cycle.
  • My tendency toward masculine-energy ways of being as a trauma response, prioritizing the via positiva of my cycle over the via negativa.
  • Womb traumas and life disalignments that manifested in intense menstrual pain.
  • Womb traumas that have manifested in scanty, short periods. 
  • Feminine wounding due to multiple, interwoven external systems I was operating within for decades.
  • My first period experience and what I was navigating at that time; why I acted and felt the way I did at that time that had previously been a shameful mystery.
  • The stories I've believed about myself because of all these traumas and responses. 
  • And so much more.
And those are just the trauma-based discoveries! I've also learned so much body literacy about my hormones and how my cycle works, what my capacities are, and why my cycle is my best ally.  
Of course, these are specific to my life experiences; your discoveries and journey will be entirely specific to you.
There is so much self-discovery and healing waiting for you in menstruality work.

Now--this is important--remember that a coach is not a therapist or a medical professional, and if you have experienced major trauma that requires that realm of assistance, please do seek that care.

However, if you're ready to support your system in another way, perhaps in conjunction with traditional methods, you're in the right place.

The beauty of 1:1 sessions is that they are completely personalized--I meet you were you're at, with your needs and goals, and bring in supportive practices catered to you and your unique challenges and growth. 

We can incorporate nervous system regulation to break behavior, response, thought, or physiological patterns that keep us looping instead of progressing--inviting our bodies to step out of the "past" and into a much more grounded, healing present. 

That is an immensely beneficial skill that will have a positive impact on every aspect of your life. 

It is so empowering to transform our relationship with our cycle and our cyclical body! It can make all the difference, rippling out in your life in innumerable ways.

If this sounds like a set of skills, an arsenal of awareness, and a container of loving support that would be so beneficial to you and your own womb healing, I would love to guide you on this journey as your menstrual cycle coach. 

And if you have any questions about this--any questions at all!--please don't hesitate to comment below and ask away. 

If you're ready to walk into this way of being, this empowered, connected, rooted foundational way to experience your life, explore my 1:1 coaching packages at by clicking HERE.

I cannot wait to witness your evolution, dear one.

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