“I couldn’t wait to get my period!” Here’s what menstruators have to say about My Club Red

“I couldn’t wait to get my period!” Here’s what menstruators have to say about My Club Red

By now you've heard a lot from me about how I designed My Club Red subscriptions to be an invaluable resource while you menstruate, a nourishing support. 

A box that goes beyond pampering and encourages deep transformation in how your mind and body are supported on  your period and beyond. 

A monthly experience of radical rejuvenation, capitalizing on the natural rest phase of your monthly hormonal cycle. 

An avenue for awareness, understanding, body literacy, and self-connection. 

A box full of reasons to actually look forward to your period!

Today I want you to hear it from the few menstruators who have actually experienced a My Club Red box!

Karen from Talk About Your Period podcast sampled a box and shared:

"The box exceeded my expectations! When you get fun products like this, it's a gentle nudge to go rest. I really loved the quality of the products. I was so happy with it! Imagine being excited to get your period. That's what this box felt like--I couldn't wait to get my period. How fun is that??"

You can read more of her thoughts on the box in this Medium article she wrote and she also included an unboxing video on YouTube detailing her thoughts on each item! 

Shelli and her daughters sampled a box together and turned it into a family event! Shelli said: 

"My Club Red is a great way to get the conversation started about menstruating! I originally planned on getting a My Club Red subscription box for my younger daughter, who has always struggled with painful periods. We received a box, and now I think I might have to subscribe to 3—one for myself and each of my daughters.

"We had a great time unboxing the products and talking about each one—a process that helped us have a wonderful discussion about periods, including self care, hormone cycles, and managing period symptoms—a just in time conversation since we all started our periods the next day (yay for cycle syncing!)

"It is obvious each of the products has been carefully chosen, including organic, eco friendly period products. Some of them are items we love but would not think of purchasing for ourselves—there may have been serious bargaining going on over who got to use the Beauty Bar chocolate and the Willow spot treatment.

"It's the first time I've had fun talking about my period with my daughters! I am excited for more My Club Red.”

And the winner of August's giveaway, Joy, had this to say about her My Club Red box: 

“I loved receiving a My Club Red box! It was fun and exciting to look forward to its arrival, both not knowing exactly what I’d receive and looking forward to receiving products to help support me and my cycle.

"I loved receiving the Rhythm chocolate and enjoyed having a treat set aside for my period. I also liked receiving self care items that inspired me to take intentional time to rest and pamper myself, such as the body scrub.”

These menstruators got to experience the My Club Red magic--are you ready to experience it too?

And there are plenty of menstruators who haven't gotten a box yet, but who are so excited about My Club Red and cannot wait to get one for themselves!

And soon these excited imaginings will become reality. 

We are SO CLOSE to launch day!

Remember, there's still time (but just a little!) to get a head start on subscribing to My Club Red.

Gain early access by joining the waitlist!

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Thanks, Karen! I loved collaborating with you and am so thrilled you loved your My Club Red box =)

Elizabeth Tidwell

Thank you so much for featuring my thoughts on your awesome subscription box! I truly loved it! Best of luck to you on your launch!


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