Looking for a PMS and Period Hack? Here It Is!

Looking for a PMS and Period Hack? Here It Is!

As a menstrual cycle coach, I see and hear a lot of people looking for, hoping for, asking for period hacks. 

First, let me say this: I'm generally not one for "hacks." 

Hacks imply a quick fix, a magic bullet, a miracle cure. A one-size-fits-all weird trick that overpromises and underdelivers.

And menstrual cycle work is, in a lot of ways, quite the opposite: 

Deep, slower, personalized. Drastic improvements come with commitment to a new paradigm, a new awareness and approach to your life as a cyclical being. 

However. The practice I'm sharing with you today feels like magic every time I incorporate it, and it is definitely worth sharing. 

My #1 Cycle Hack

Every time I do this, my premenstrual symptoms lessen significantly and the physical symptoms I experience during my bleed are also significantly lessened. 

If I take about 30 minutes out of my day on Cycle Day 23 / 24 / 25, I feel immediate results in physical luteal and menstrual symptoms. 

So if you're ever looking for physical symptom improvement, let me offer this super nourishing practice:

Yoni steaming, my friends!

It's honestly been a game changer. 

What is Yoni Steaming?

Yoni steaming, or pelvic steaming, or vaginal steaming, or v steaming, is an ancient practice where you sit or squat over steam in order to encourage healing, lubrication, warmth, energetic movement, and connection in the womb space. 

It's often done with herbal-infused water, though still beneficial when done with just water steam.

This practice is great support and relief for PMS and period symptoms, prolapse, dryness, pain, cysts, fibroids, scar tissue, polyps, postpartum healing, and more. 

How To DIY Pelvic Steam

Intrigued? Here's how to do a yoni steam at home: 

Boil about 3 cups of water in a pot on the stove. Turn off the heat once water boils. Place herbs (about 2 tablespoons dried), if using, in the pot. Cover and steep for about 3-5 minutes. 

Carefully place the pot on the floor (perhaps wrapped in a towel). Take the lid off the pot and test the steam temperature with your hand. If it's too hot, wait another minute and check again. 

Wearing a robe, or with a long blanket or towel wrapped around your waist, squat over the pot, draping the robe around the pot so it acts as a funnel for the steam to rise directly to your yoni and pelvic area. 

Steam for 5 - 30 minutes. I love using this as a time to journal, draw oracle cards, do my menstrual cycle tracking practice, do a guided meditation, read, or just relax. 

If squatting for that long is taxing (which....it will be!), you can also kneel over the pot and rest your forearms on a chair or bed or the floor. Or you could use two chairs facing each other, setting the pot on the floor between them, then kind of straddling the empty space as you sit on the edges of both chairs. 

Or, to make it easy, you can purchase a steam seat. 

The Steam Seat I Recommend

This is the steam seat I have: a collapsible, handmade birch and cedar seat by Kitara.

Here is why this is the brand I will always recommend for those looking for a steam seat: 

  • The wood is unvarnished, treated only with 100% Tung oil which is all-natural and toxin-free. You do not want to use plastic pots or seats or varnished wood when steaming! Vaginal tissue is incredibly sensitive and will absorb toxins. This is the #1 thing to look for in a steam seat.

  • I love that these are gorgeous and functional, and handmade by women

  • The collapsible feature is nice for space-saving. (Though they offer non-collapsible seats too!)

  • Kitara is a woman-owned small business and 1% of all sales support Black Maternal Health.

  • My steam practitioner is a Kitara consultant, so this brand comes highly recommended. 

  • Their herbal steams are 100% organic.

  • Steam seats are an investment, and Kitara offers very competitive pricing without compromising very high quality.
For all of these reasons, this is the steam seat and brand I chose, and absolutely adore. 
Steaming with a seat makes the set-up and clean-up a breeze, which is the main reason I eagerly invested in one after experimenting with different DIY set-ups and positions.
It was too much of a hassle to be feasible for me to keep doing the DIY steam seat set-up and now I can quickly and easily incorporate multiple steams in my cycle, enjoy the relaxing and beautiful experience, and reeeeeally benefiting from the reduced symptoms! 

Let me save you some hassle: Make steaming easy with a Kitara steam seat!

Support Your Pelvic Health--and More!

I am delighted to be a partner of Kitara, and if you decide to purchase any of their offerings (steam seats, herbal blends, pots, teas, or accessories), I receive a small affiliate commission. 

I cannot gush enough about how much I love my steam seat, and really cherish the practice of steaming. It feels like sacred self-care

I can feel my tissues soften, and my luteal backaches and sore boobs melt away. 

Again, every time I steam, my physical symptoms reduce very significantly. And I love knowing that I'm supporting my pelvic floor health. 

I highly recommend you check out Kitara's Benefits of Yoni Steaming page on their website--the benefits go far beyond just reducing PMS and period symptoms!

It honestly feels like magic, and this is why I share my favorite practice that feels like a "period hack."

When You Should Not Steam

As with everything, remember to consult a medical professional, and/or a steam practitioner, if you have questions or concerns, and be sure to consult and listen to your own body. 

Also do not steam if any of these apply to you: 

  • Currently have an IUD.
  • Currently menstruating. 
  • Active herpes infection.
  • Active yeast infection. 
  • Active urinary tract infection. 
  • Under 38 weeks pregnant. 
  • Trying to conceive (if so, don't steam after ovulation).

Give V-Steaming A Try

Perhaps give it a try on your own at home--or even consider meeting with a steam consultant. 

I'd love to hear about your experiences with yoni steaming--have you done it before?

Is this your first time hearing about it?

Do you have any questions or concerns for me? And if you decide to try it for yourself--tell me how it goes for you! 💜

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