Reclaiming Body Sovereignty After Institutional Trauma

Reclaiming Body Sovereignty After Institutional Trauma

Are you conscious of the layers of influence that inform your relationship with your body?

I know I wasn’t, not until the past couple of years when I started doing the work of examining and unraveling from their influence.

A big part of what makes me so passionate about my work is that I know I’m not alone in this.

My particular story may not be the exact same as yours, but I know so many of us share the same wounding and disconnection from our bodies, femininity, cycles, and more.

This is what I chatted with my mentor about on her podcast this week.

I was a guest on Lisa de Jong's podcast, From Pain to Power!

It was such a treat talking deeply with Lisa about the work we do as trauma-informed menstruality coaches, about the skills I gained through her program, and about my experiences applying it to my own life.

We chatted about my experience of healing from religious institutional trauma, and how I am continuing to use the tools of cycle awareness and nervous system regulation to support myself both personally and professionally.

This was a VERY powerful conversation!

This episode is called "Reclaiming Body Sovereignty After Institutional Trauma" and details the work I've done reconnecting to my body, my womb, my cycle, my femininity, and more after leaving high-demand religion.

But we also make it clear that all of us are held within similar systems with similar impacts as we live within layers of patriarchal institutions.

This clearly impacts how we move through the world in our bodies and I'd love for you to give it a listen.

Learn more about what I do as a coach and more about my story, as well as a sneak peak into an upcoming group coaching program. 👀

Listen here: From Pain to Power podcast episode 

Give it a listen, then come back here and tell me what layers of influence have impacted YOUR relationship with your body ❤️‍🩹

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