Give the Gift of Self-Nurture

My Club Red Period Self Care Bundles

Every menstruator can benefit from a box designed to create a monthly mini-retreat for them while they menstruate. Whether they have painful periods, a difficult relationship with their period, or you simply would love for them to experience their period as a time of self-nurture and self-connection, they won't forget this unique gift! 

And with My Club Red, you will be gifting them period self-care that also supports their hormones: We take great care to avoid endocrine disruptors and instead provide quality products designed to work in harmony with menstruating bodies.

Their My Club Red Gift Bundle includes our digital menstruality education magazine each month so they can settle into their period supported with self-care and self-knowledge tools!

With a Gift Bundle, your loved one can experience one, three, or six months of period transformation, building the habit of better self-connection while menstruating month after month. Send them a My Club Red Gift Bundle and see just how much a better relationship with their period can mean to them. 

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My Club Red Menarche Kits

Menarche is a menstruator’s very first period. And a first period can start at any time! Our Menarche kits ensure that your child is prepared whenever and wherever their first period arrives. 

Getting your very first period while out and about can be a big struggle or source of anxiety for a young child. With a Menarche kit easily available when they are away from home, your child can be assured that they will be prepared with the essentials necessary to appropriately care for their body at this milestone. No need to improvise with toilet paper or ask a friend for period supplies; they'll be appropriately equipped wherever they are.

Choose from a Menarche Essentials period go-kit stocked with enough period supplies to manage the first day of period; Menarche Eco kit with reusable period care; or Menarche Deluxe package that will equip their first period, prepare them for menarche with body literacy education, and more. 

Menarche kits make excellent gifts for soon-to-be menstruators and young menstruators alike. Consider purchasing well in advance to alleviate any anxiety around the sudden arrival of a first period–for you and your child. Menarche can happen anytime, starting as young as age 8. 

For young menstruators who have already welcomed their first period, our Menarche kits are a great way to always have period supplies on hand, try out new period products, and celebrate their recent milestone. 

Menarche Kits