3 Ways Your Subscription Makes a Difference

3 Ways Your Subscription Makes a Difference

Whew, what a week! 

The doors to My Club Red officially opened yesterday (if you haven’t gotten your subscription yet, take a moment and join the Club now!).

I’m thrilled at the knowledge that so many menstruators will not only be investing in their own period experience, but by doing so, actually changing the world for the better.

Here are 3 ways your choice to subscribe to My Club Red is making a difference: 


#1. You are helping to make the world more comfortable with cycles.

Not even just menstrual cycles, but the whole concept of cycles.

Our modern, Western world is based around such a linear model that values consistency, output, and flat reliability.

We know we're much more dynamic than that, and that cyclicality is just as valuable.

When we value our human cycles, we value nature's cycles, life's cycles, and beyond.


#2: You're paving the way for future menstruators.

Your example of prioritizing your menstrual care, education, rituals, and rest around your period will make space for other menstruators to do the same for themselves.

You don't have to be a parent, teacher, or leader to make an impact on future menstruators!

You can influence menstruators all around you, sometimes without even being aware that you're doing so.

And your work here is actually helping to heal all the generations of pain, shame, taboo, and danger that accompanied menstruation for those who came before us (and for those who still experience these today).


#3: Your commitment to My Club Red is a commitment to values like hormone health over toxic chemicals; eco-friendly practices over eco-exploitation; inclusivity over erasure; quality products over profit-is-king; small business over the 1%; woman-owned business over status quo patriarchy; and so much more.

And I'm not just talking about ME here--I also try to partner with other businesses with these values wherever possible.

(Let's face it: Conventional big businesses that are the biggest perpetrators of these problematic practices generally aren't investing in products designed to support you as a menstruator!)

So your subscription is supporting those businesses as well!


You are sending ripples of positive change into the world, my friend.

So thank you.

Thank you.

What you're doing here matters, and I couldn't let this launch week go by without you knowing that.

And if you haven't yet gotten your My Club Red subscription, you can consider your options and decide which subscription you'd like by clicking here.

Join us in transforming world, one period at a time!

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