How To Release What's No Longer Serving You

How To Release What's No Longer Serving You

Do you have something or someone you wish you could release from your life?

Something that you feel tugging on your emotions, your energy, your perspective, your view of yourself, your view of what's possible, your finances, your health, your quality of life?

Maybe in big, noticeable ways, or even in small, easy-to-overlook ways.

Perhaps you wish to release...
  • a former partner
  • a harmful habit
  • a relationship that isn't serving you
  • a pattern keeping you stuck
  • an outdated belief
  • membership in a system that no longer aligns
  • a form of self-sabotage
  • a role you no longer want to play
  • or something else

I believe we all have things, big and small, we carry with us far longer than we need to.

Often we don't release them because we don't realize we can.

We may not notice how much they're draining us, or still impacting us in some way.

Or we may be operating from a false belief that we deserve to suffer.

Whatever the reason we hold on to things far longer than we need to, we all end up doing it.

But I want to tell you that you can release what is no longer serving you.

And I will show you how.

sand falling through a woman's hands

There have been many times in my life when I was ready to release something or someone...

But just thinking I was done with it didn't work.

Sometimes we can't mentally muscle our way through and have it last.

Sometimes it can work that way, though! And it's a beautiful, powerful thing when we enact that kind of change in our lives in a snap.

But there are many times when our mental commitment to stop or step away or opt out or otherwise release needs more assistance, support, gravity, reinforcement.

So to serve you when you're needing a stronger, more potent release in your life than just wishing, hoping, thinking you're done, I've created the Release Digital Bundle! 

I'll be guiding you through why menstruation is a perfect time for release, how to amplify your menstrual release, and lead a visualization to help you tap into this potent energy--on your next period, and any period in the future!

Tune into your body's own rhythm to release all that isn't serving you.

Releasing fear of the unknown.

Releasing anger with my body.

Releasing the feeling of not being enough.

Releasing expectations.

Releasing the need to be non-threatening for others' benefit.

Releasing fear of the future.

Releasing my child's babyhood.

Releasing things I haven't been able to just mentally release.

These were some of the things that were brought to the recorded RELEASE event to be let go 💜

What would you release now, if you could?

I hope you know that you can release those things, and your body can help.

But I know that going from Point A to Point B all on your own is an unnecessary stumble through the dark.

So I created the Release Digital Bundle to light your way. 🔥

With this gorgeous bundle of resources, you will be able to hold thoughtful, thorough, self-connecting releasing rituals many times in the future, utilizing the premenstrual, menstrual, and follicular phases of your cycle.

I created a beautiful 14-page workbook to guide you in making mindful preparations, meaningful releasing practices, and helpful integrating reflections throughout the majority of a full cycle month--you do not need to stumble through this without help!

Everything in the releasing practice is highly customizable--take what suggestions feel helpful and welcome to you, and leave the rest. Make this work for you, just the way you want and need.

I've so enjoyed hearing from some of those who attended the live event, and I hope you find their experiences as empowering as I do:

     "[During the meditation], it felt dark, sticky, consuming...afterward I noticed a lightening, a brightness or glowing hope."

     "This was so helpful and a great awareness and reconnection to my body."

     "I saw such powerful imagery during the meditation. It was so special!"

These shifts came with just one portion of the digital bundle; imagine what can be gleaned from a longer, deeper ritual done through three phases of your menstrual cycle!

Join me in letting go of what is no longer serving you. Let the Release Digital Bundle help you tap into this wise power in your cyclical body.

This bundle is really going to elevate your menstrual releasing rituals -- as many times as you'd like to return to it!

In this bundle, you'll receive everything you need to create your own releasing ritual. Including preparation guidance, reflection prompts for before, during, and after the practice, releasing correspondences, and more.

The gorgeous 14-page workbook is thorough, expansive, and full of practical assistance.

When you purchase, you'll get an instant download of the four components of the digital bundle:

  1. A one-hour video recording of the live RELEASE event.
  2. Slides from the presentation for easy reference.
  3. A beautiful 14-page workbook to help you mindfully prepare, execute, and integrate future menstrual release rituals. This workbook is interactive, reusable, and very thorough.
  4. A downloadable audio of the guided visualization to easily return to when you complete the releasing ritual.

This bundle is a beautiful entrance into working with the superpowers of multiple phases of your menstrual cycle in a way that naturally supports you in a specific goal.

I can't wait for you to dive in!


Still have questions? Check out the Q&A: 

Q: I don't resonate with the word "ritual." Is this a religious or culty thing?

A: Not at all! First, my definition of "ritual" comes from Casper Ter Kuile's book The Power of Ritual, which defines ritual as anything we do with attention, intention, and repetition. That's it! To me, ritual just means a time of intention, which can deepen its impact. (Here's a little reel about the evolution of ritual in my life.)

Second, everything I share in this event is highly customizable. I'll be offering ideas, which you are free to take or leave or enact any way that is supportive to you. I'm not a one-size-fits-all kind of gal, and neither are my offerings ;)

Q: What if I don't have a big, negative thing I need to release from my life right now?

A: This bundle is an instant download, and you can access it now, and as many times in the future as you'd like! No matter what "the thing" is that needs releasing, you'll be deeply and thoroughly supported every time you utilize the Release Digital Bundle to let go of something, anything, in your life. 

Many times what we need to release is a positive thing! Something in our lives that we loved and was supportive and perfect for that time and season in our lives, but now that cycle is ending. These can be just as hard to let go as a negative thing we actually want to let go. For lots of reasons, but especially because we don't have enough models of healthy release in our culture. Learn how to let go--whatever it is that's ready to go.

Q: What's included in the Release Digital Bundle?

A: In the Release Digital Bundle, you will receive:

  1. A one-hour video of the RELEASE virtual event.
  2. The slides used in the presentation for easy reference.
  3. A gorgeous 14-page workbook to help you prepare, execute, and integrate future menstrual release rituals. This workbook is reflective, educational, reusable, and thorough.
  4. A downloadable audio of the guided visualization to easily return to whenever you complete the releasing ritual.
When you purchase your bundle, you will receive an instant download that you can save to your phone and/or computer to have these resources available wherever and whenever you are ready to explore this powerful releasing ritual. 


Q: Is the recorded event video like other masterclasses?

A: This is unlike the type of masterclass that's education-only. Instead, it's part education, part embodiment, part personal reflection, and a guided visualization.

Get instant access your Release Digital Bundle right here!

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