"My Club Red sounds great, but...": 3 Big "But"s Answered

"My Club Red sounds great, but...": 3 Big "But"s Answered

Menstruators are shopping now, selecting their My Club Red subscription. 

I cannot wait for you to join them!

But maybe there's a reason you haven't yet purchased (but are still interested in My Club Red). 

Maybe there's something holding you back. 

Today I want to take the chance to address three big "but"s. 

Let's see if one of these three has been holding you back.


Big But #1: My Club Red sounds great, but I doubt a subscription box can make my period better.

Healthy skepticism is definitely allowed. =)

I don’t know your exact period story and struggles, but I do have to remind you that this subscription box is so different from every other subscription box out there.

Not only is it designed precisely to improve your period, with products specifically formulated to do just that, My Club Red is primed to be the only period care subscription box that is:

  • committed to helping your hormone health (instead of unwittingly harming it)
  • designed to educate each subscriber with accompanying menstruality education
  • created and curated by a (soon-to-be) menstrual cycle coach
  • devoted to serving every menstruator from menarche to menopause
  • crafted to help you create sustainable care practices around your period month after month

As you can see, this is so much more than just another subscription box!

My Club Red will help you get to the root of some of your period struggles through period-supportive products, and also the digital menstruality education magazine.

My Club Red will also address your overall physical experience by helping to reduce your body’s toxic load.

This box will also go beyond physical symptoms by encouraging you to treat yourself with care while you menstruate, connect with your cyclical nature, and give you a reason to look forward to your period!

So much of what we experience in our periods stems from what we experience in our minds and emotions, and those non-physical, somewhat ephemeral improvements can have a powerful effect on our periods.

I like to think of menstruality as the center of a wheel, and so many other aspects of our total life experience as spokes stemming out of that center.

Sometimes it’s a bit of a chicken-or-egg scenario as well, because menstrual care is self-care and self-care has the power to make radical shifts in our experience, and those shifts can often mean better periods.

Ultimately, I want this subscription box to not only make your period better, but your life better.


Big But #2: My Club Red sounds great, but I don't know if I can afford it.

I get it; inflation is a big deal.

It wasn't an easy decision to start a business in this economy, and I want you to know I see you.

Even in an economic downturn, I answered an inner call to launch this unique business because I know how much menstruality work can transform nearly every other aspect of our lives.

And there really isn't a price tag on that kind of transformation.

But! Another of my deep values for My Club Red is to be a business where the consumer is always in choice, never in coercion.

If, right now, a My Club Red subscription just really isn't in the cards for you, I give you full permission to pass!

I hope you'll return when you're ready, but I absolutely respect your decision to make other financial choices.

If, however, you're on the fence, remember that this subscription represents so much more than the dollar amount.

This is an investment in your wellness.

Your hormone health.

Your menstrual health.

Your body literacy.

Your mental health and self care.

Your relationship with your period.

Subscribing to My Club Red signifies that you're no longer willing to allow harmful chemicals to disrupt your endocrine system just because they're more affordable and readily available.

You're no longer willing to take your cyclicality for granted, and try to push through your body's natural rhythms and hormonal dynamics.

You really are ready to stop dreading your periods and transform your relationship with your body.

What you experience matters.

And I know it is a financial commitment worth consideration, but I hope you know that what you experience every period matters.

It shapes how we move through the world, how we live in our bodies, how we communicate about the importance of honoring ourselves.

And it can be better.

My Club Red is one path toward that transformation.

Listen to your gut here, drop into the wisdom of your womb and see if this is aligned for you.


Big But #3: My Club Red sounds great, but "radical rest" probably just isn't gonna happen.

That's okay!

Radical rest has been utterly transformative for me (especially in this season of my life as a mom to a busy toddler while juggling this new endeavor), but your period transformation does not have to look like mine or anyone else's.

That's why My Club Red will deliver a variety of different items to your doorstep every month--there are so many ways we can transform our periods!

There are so many products out there that maybe you haven't heard of, or maybe you haven't tried yet, or maybe you have wanted to try but haven't gotten around to it.

My Club Red gives you this opportunity, and makes it so easy to workshop your period care.

Try new things, discover new support, until you've fine-tuned your menstrual routine to work exactly as it should to best support YOU.

But what if you want radical rest, but just don't think your hectic life will magically make room for it?

I don't know how else to say this, but: Magically, it will.

Probably not all at once.

It might take quite some time to make the space necessary in your life for truly restorative rest.

It might require other sacrifices (here's looking at you, Netflix!), or trial-and-error, or making other arrangements.

But it really does feel like magic when things start to click and a path opens up to take you exactly where you need to be.

If that's too esoteric for you, this practical tip from my mentors at Red School might be more your style.

It's called the 1 Percent Shift and you can read more about it in their book Wild Power.

The 1 Percent Shift starts with imagining what a menstrual ritual of radical rest would look like for you.

Imagine everything is 100% perfectly aligned to deliver the kind of space you're looking for to be able to slow down on your period.

Now, what would 1% of that shift look like?

It can be small, short, maybe seemingly inconsequential.

But commit to that doable 1% and discover what happens after making even such a tiny shift: Change beget change!

You may find that prioritizing even a 1% shift toward rest allows more rest to find a way into your life until your percentage grows.

But even if you stay at 1%, that's still more rest than you were able to carve out previously.

My Club Red is here to make it easier for you.

A box that's delivered to your doorstep every month is not only fun and exciting, but also a physical reminder:

Ding! Ding! Ding! Period's here; now I get to open my box!

Even sitting down to look over the items and try them out is in itself a slowing down.

But of course the items themselves will encourage you to make just a little bit more space to use them, and building that time into your period will necessitate a bit of self-priority, a pocket of time alone.


I hope these three "but"s were useful in helping you parse out what exactly it is about My Club Red that's calling to you, and maybe what was holding you back.

And if you're now ready to prioritize your menstrual self-care with a My Club Red subscription, head to the "Subscribe" page and select your subscription. 

Here's to better alignment with our inner knowing!

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