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Eco Cycler Period Care Package

Eco Cycler Period Care Package

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Care for Mama Earth while you care for your own cyclical nature. 

With an Eco Cycler Period Care Package, find natural and eco-friendly ways to connect with your cycle, supply your cycle, and manage your menstrual symptoms. 

Just like every item in the My Club Red shop, Eco Cycler Period Care Package is curated by period coach Elizabeth Tidwell.

Eco Cycler Period Care Package includes: 
🔸Enter the Red Circle mandala menstrual cycle tracker
🔸Organic cotton reusable cloth menstrual pad
🔸Rubber hot water bottle to naturally relieve menstrual cramps and aches with targeted heat
🔸Natural acne spot-treatment made with willow bark
🔸Cactus bristle dry body brush to stimulate the lymphatic system and assist hormone detoxification
🔸Rose Geranium Patchouli body oil to hydrate and nourish your skin
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