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I Am Divine Period Care Package

I Am Divine Period Care Package

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A box filled with items that will have you head over heels in love with your period. I Am Divine is filled with items designed to help you connect to the divine feminine archetype, connect you with your womb, help you revel in the beautiful power of your cyclical body, and treat yourself like the goddess you are. 

Just like every item in the My Club Red shop, I Am Divine Period Care Package is curated by period coach Elizabeth Tidwell.

I Am Divine includes:

  • "She Dreams When She Bleeds" book of powerful poems about periods 
  • Artful uterus sticker by Studio Marilyn
  • Rose quartz gua sha facial massage stone
  • Goddess candle*
  • Silky rose geranium body oil for gentle womb massage
  • Womb connection guided meditation (not pictured; digital delivery)

*One important note: The goddess candle is very lightly fragranced.

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