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Menarche Deluxe

Menarche Deluxe

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Welcome your new menstruator to their period with not only the right preparation, but the level of care menarche deserves. 

Our Menarche Deluxe package includes a wide range of items your child will need for their very first period. Whenever and wherever their first period arrives, your child will be ready for this milestone. 

What's Included

Menarche Deluxe includes vital body literacy education; practical supplies for managing pain, clean-up, transport, and storage; a comfort treat; along with enough organic period supplies to get them through the entirety of their first period. 

  • Box of 10 organic pads
  • Box of 14 organic liners
  • Box of 14 organic tampons
  • Box of 5 pain relief heat patches
  • 5 freshening wipes
  • 1 wet bag to transport soiled underwear
  • 1 zippered pouch to gather their period preparation in one easy place
  • 1 pocket mirror to check for leaks and stains
  • 1 Own Your Period body literacy book
  • 1 Enter the Red Circle daily cycle tracking mandala coloring book
  • 1 How-To Guide to help them use their period products for the first time
  • 1 Period Q&A to provide information about first period basics


Together, you can explore the body literacy education then gather one or two each of the included period supplies and supports to store in the zippered pouch. Include the wet bag and a clean pair of underwear (not included). Your child can now store their new period go-kit in their locker, backpack, sports bag, or other convenient place. Once their period does arrive, they'll be prepared with everything they need on hand, plus refills at home! 


The Menarche Deluxe package is a great way to prepare your child before their first period arrives, but is also a wonderful support and celebration for young menstruators who have recently welcomed their first period!

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