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Menarche Eco

Menarche Eco

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Welcome your menstruator's very first period with an eco-friendly essentials kit! No matter when their first period arrives, they will be prepared with period supplies that are kind to the Earth. 

Eco-friendly period care can start with their very first period with the right preparation! When your child's first period arrives and they're prepared with a Menarche Eco kit, they won't have to rely on toxic tampons in the school bathroom, improvise with toilet paper, or ask a friend if they have any extra (disposable) period supplies. 

Rest easy as your child nears menarche, knowing that they will have easy access to Earth-friendly period products that are kind to their young body as well. 

What's Included

The Menarche Eco kit is a compact and discreet bag your child can keep in a locker, backpack, sports bag, or other convenient place to access when their first period arrives. The Eco kit includes enough period supplies to get them through the first day of their period: 

  • 2 organic cotton light flow reusable cloth pads
  • 2 freshening wipes
  • 1 pain-relief heat patch
  • 1 wet bag to transport soiled underwear and pads
  • 1 How-To Guide to help them use their period products for the first time
  • 1 Period Q&A to provide information about first period basics


When your Menarche Eco kit arrives, you might take the chance to explore the Period Q&A with them. Make sure they include an extra set of clean underwear (not included) in their kit and help them decide the best place to keep it while they await their first period. 

Optional Add-Ons

To be extra prepared when their first period arrives, save yourself a trip to the store and stock up now on organic period products! Choose to add on an an extra period go-kit, a box of organic tampons, a box of organic pads, a box of organic liners, or a cycle tracker! You will receive one Menarche Eco and one add-on of your choice if you choose this option.

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